Corinne Dacla Nude Pics

Corinne, like most of her savory French counterparts, has had a rather decent Skin career, mostly because the French aren’t quite as uptight about on screen nudity as Americans seem to be. (I know we have our fair share, but until the entire cast of Friends does an episode in the nude, then we aren’t even close…) That isn’t to say that she hasn’t done anything of note in her career; most exceptionally talented French actresses still take their clothes off from time to time. In fact, Corinne appeared in such timeless classics as Les Miserables, Desordre, and in the title role in 1988’s mini-series Maria Vandamme. As mentioned before, she has also had a few Skintastic roles, such as her turns in Rue Barbare in 1984 and in 1990’s Le Diable au corps. Both feature her in all her full-frontal glory, but the former shows a great shot of some muff fluff while some lucky Frenchman is close enough to catch a whiff. Definitely worth seeing.