Courtney Cole-Fendley Nude Pics

Red-hot redhead Courtney Cole-Fendley landed in the entertainment fray with the episode “Pretty Woman” on the series Dawson’s Creek. No, she didn’t play the title role, just Contestant #1, though she certainly has the body for the part. Why she doesn’t show it off, however, is a mystery. The skingy actress made her movie debut in October Sky (1999) and then it was back to the boob tube for spots on Power Rangers Wild Force and Boston Public. But it was in the straight-to-video drama Malibu Eyes (2004) that she came close to fulfilling her carnal promise, but only in a bikini. Her nude scene is the work of a body double, a talented one, but it’s not Courtney’s body. Let’s hope she shows off her doubles soon.