Crista Flanagan Nude Pics

Born in Mount Vernon, IL in 1976, Crista Flanagan moved to California to attain her Master’s Degree, and became a bit of a rock star in the improv scene there in the early aughts. After one-off roles on shows like The Practice and Curb Your Enthusiasm, she landed a gig as a cast member and writer on MADtv in 2005. She made the leap to features in Epic Movie (2007), and has re-teamed with that film’s directors four more times, most recently in Best Night Ever (2013). The film also had her sexiest scene yet as Crista gets ready to jello wrestle with co-star Natalie Padilla, and she begins lactating uncontrollably, soaking her bra! Though she does keep the bra on, we do get to see some sensational cleavage, which is more than we’ve gotten from her in the past! Let’s hope this trend continues, because Crista Flanagan will make you wanna fap again!