Cuca Escribano Nude Pics

Cuca Escribano’s name translates, literally, to “pretty notary public.” And “pretty” certainly adequately describes this tasty Spanish dish, although Mr. Skin is fairly certain that she’s an actress, not a notary public. “Notable pubic” might be more apropos, since her nether regions have gotten a firm flashing or two onscreen. Cute Cuca started her acting career in the late 1990s, primarily on the Spanish boob tube, before making the move to the movie world. Her first large role on the big screen–in the drama Amar y morir en Sevilla (Don Juan Tenorio) (2001) was also the first time Cuca’s cuca-nuts were made available to hungry audiences. And she must have enjoyed liberating her lovelies, because she did it again in her next flick, Poniente (2002). Devastatingly that marked the end (so far) of Cuca’s film flesh, although her career has taken off and she’s remained a recognizable face in Spanish cinema. Perhaps someday audiences will get a fresh dose of this Spanish fly.