Denise Buick Nude Pics

With only a trio of movies under her belt, Denise Buick will never be mistaken for Meryl Streep . . . particularly when you consider that the three movies in question are called Inside Out IV (1992), Full Contact (1993), and Angelfist (1993)! But we’re not here to judge acting talent or the questionable advice of sleazy agents; we’re here to celebrate bare skin! And Denise delivers just that, especially in her debut effort. Jumping into her “acting” career with a clear disdain for clothing, Denise went the full-frontal route in IO4 and gave the Cinemax audience a ta-ta-tacular treat! Alas, Buick hasn’t landed a gig in over a decade, so we’ll just have to be content with the goodies we’ve been given. You may not be a fan of American cars, but we guarantee that this is a Buick you’d love to ride!