Donna Stone Nude Pics

Busty Donna Stone graced the silver screen in the late 1960’s with three glorious full frontal performances where each was more mufftastic than the last. In A thousand Pleasures (1968) the curvy, voluptuous Ms. Stone will have you as hard as granite when you watch her show off her big, natural hangers, round booty, and big bush when she gets on top of a guy and gives him a nude massage. A year later in The Ultimate Degenerate (1969) she sprawls our fully nude on a bed with a few flowers resting on her hairy garden. A little later in the same movie, her massive milk bags nearly spill out of a very tight bra as she walks around a room in just her underwear. Get out your flashlight and spelunking gear, exploring Ms. Stone’s thick thatch is sure to be an adventure you won’t soon forget!