Doria Valenzuela Nude Pics

Doria is a would-be starlet from Los Angeles who made her big splash in 1999 with a leading role in the festival-circuit fave ~Warm Blooded Killers~. The movie, which is about Doria, who is a stripper, fixin’ to get hitched to a hitman, who finds out that she was secretly taped by her former boyfriend who was a porno producer who secretly taped them having sex and then broadcast the video on satellite TV. This prompts the groom-to-be to off the sonofabitch, but alas, the now dead producer was the godson of the hitman’s boss. Wackiness ensues. It’s a little on the cheesy side, but it’s made all the more viewable by the presence of Doria’s massive melons in all their bare glory while she does her striptease thing on stage. Let’s hope this leads to something bigger and better for the young lady.