Dorothée Nude Pics

Her birth name is Frederique Hoschede, which has too many sharp accents for such a smooth French lady. That may be why she’s better known by her stage name, Dorothee. The pixie five-foot-three-and-three-quarter-inch blonde is best known as a singer, but her original claim to fame is as an actress. Her first role was on the French TV show Dorothee and Blablatus, but the big screen beckoned. She’s probably most famous for appearing in Pile ou face (1980), where she’s listening to a music video on TV completely nude while being peeped on from the apartment block across the street. Talk about multitasking. What makes that skin so remarkable is that Dorothee is a singer-songwriter of children’s music, having hosted Club Dorothee for the lucky French children. No wonder they grow up so horny, with this sexy enchantress shaking her tail feathers for them at such an early age.