Drea Garcia Nude Pics

Drea Garcia is quite a passionate woman. She’s so passionate that after the tragic events of September 11th, she put her aspiring acting career on hold to join the U.S. Marines. After kicking butt and taking names for her country, Drea resumed her hunt for acting roles and she scored guest spots on the shows The Client List, Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans with High Class Issues, and Unusual Suspects. On the silver screen, Drea used her combat skills to earn a role as a lieutenant in the military thriller Drones (2013). But it was Drea’s appearance on Cinemax’s Banshee that gave us a look at her cones. On season three, episode two of the bawdy series, the slender sweetie showed off her suck sacks while participating in a threesome with sexy co-star Trinity Wright and some douche. Wright and Garcia will have you taking part in a onesome!