Edéa Darcque Nude Pics

Edea first made a name for herself in the 2000 French drama ~La Fidelite~ opposite one of our perennial Skin favorites, Mme. Sophie “Probably Screwed Mel Gibson” Marceau. The role garnered enough attention for the comely young actress to land her a recurring role on the hit French series ~Avocats & associes~, which is kind of like ~NYPD Blue~, but ~way~ better. Although her career is officially taking off, one would be remiss in not checking her back catalogue, which happens to include a nice little uncredited role in 1997’s ~Une Journee De Merde!~ In it, Edea happens to go full-frontal for a nice, long look at her lumbering breasts and untrimmed European-style muffshish. Thank heavens for gratuitous nudity!