Ekaterina Volkova Nude Pics

With sexy, wavy brown hair and a body so nice it would turn Joseph McCarthy to communism, Ekaterina Volkova is absolutely electric. Born in the Russian USSR, she puts the kinky, gyno, and boobs into KGB. No stranger to the screen, Volkova was acting at the age of two in Proshu slova (1976), but a long and fruitful career would showed us Ekaterina would grow up, and fill out. And though she appeared in Sex, kofe, sigarety (2014), things wouldn’t turn sex, sex, sexy until later that year. It was Sarancha (2014), billed as Russia’s first erotic-thriller, that would thrill fans with Volkova’s erotic delights. And while we don’t see the vulva of Volkova, you’ll be dying to test drive this Volvo when you see her lounging on a rug in a robe. The fire looks warm but Ekaterina is absolutely scorching when she pulls out her two twin Russian nesting dolls. Presenting the goods to a man in a chair, she pinches one nipple between two fingers. Red nail polish adds color to her nails, but this ribald Russian was already red-hot. You’ll be crushin’ on this Russian.