Eleonore Pourriat Nude Pics

Proper French actress Eleonore Pourriat has been kicking around the acting world for well over two decades at this point, and she shows no signs of slowing down. She got her start working with an absolute legend—arthouse auteur Agnes Varda—on her film One Hundred and One Nights (1995), and since then she’s worked quite a lot with director Benoit Cohen, appearing in his films Chameleon (1996), Les acteurs anonymes (2001), Our Precious Children (2003), The Violettes (2009), and You’ll Be a Man (2013), among others, and in non-Benoit Cohen films including Les zygs, le secret des disparus (2007). She’s also appeared on TV series such as Mac Orlan, Tiger Lily, quatre femmes dans la vie, and—our favorite—Nos enfants cheir – la serie, in which she plays a character named Claire. As Claire, Eleonore gets topless in bed in one scene, showing off her wonderful breasts and tremendous body.