Erin Marie Nude Pics

Erin is seriously caliente, man. Sadly, though, her career in Skintertainment spanned a paltry two years, beginning with her uber-Skinful appearance in 1999’s Secret Needs. In it, Erin plays “Lisa Ann,” an accident victim cum plumber cum pizza delivery babe with a penchant for S&M. In fact, she dons a fairly sexy latex dominatrix getup for one scene in particular that is just a real treat to watch. There’s plenty of nudity in the film in general, including flashes of boobalicious goodness from Erin, so don’t miss it. Unfortunately, after her semi-Skinful appearance on an episode of Nightcap in 2000, Erin dropped off the Skin Central radar screen, hopefully not for good. We’d sure like to have her back… and front and center on screen!