Eulalia Ramón Nude Pics

So much nudity, so little time to jerk off. Let’s skip the specifics about Eulalia Ramon and get right down to why we love to self-love to this black-haired Spanish fly girl. First is últimas tardes con Teresa (1983). It’s a hot introduction, and things only got hotter with the pants thriller Il Miele del diavolo (1986), directed by noted perv Lucio Fulci, which showcased Eulalia in some kinky scenarios. Some boob-tube boob in Las Aventuras de Pepe Carvalho and frisky features such as Matar al Nani (1988), Garum (fantastica contradiccion) (1988), and El Rio que nos lleva (1989) followed. In El Rey pasmado (1991), Eulalia’s boobs are bouncing as she nearly breaks the bed in an earth-shaking sex session. Her latest flash is as a femme fatale in Adela (2000). When Eulalia’s bad she’s even better.