Gabrielle Metz Nude Pics

The gorgeous Gabrielle Metz is an actress known for her roles in films such as Company M: A Mob of Soldiers (2012), Hard Justice (2008), and Hide and Creep (2004). In Hide and Creep Gabrielle delivers an especially sultry scene in which she appears topless except for a few pieces of tape in an X over her nipples. In the film, Gabrielle plays the role of a waitress at a topless bar during a zombie apocalypse. The scene shows a couple of burly men going to the bar to check if everyone there is okay and then quickly leaving. Not the most realistic move because, if it were us, we would have hung out with the hot girl with no shirt on until the zombies were munching on our brains like a picnic lunch. We are pumped to see Gabrielle Metz in the future, hopefully without the pasties, but until then X certainly marked the spot.


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