Greta Garland Nude Pics

The gorgeous Greta Garland is an actress best known for her work in Trauma One, Dead Sexy (2018), and Spirit 7 (2017). Greta made her onscreen debut in the TV series BreakUp FixUp in 2016. She was born in Ventura Count, California. Greta shows off her curvy figure in the skintastic flick Dead Sexy. She flounces around in skimpy lingerie left and right in this film. We can’t get enough of seeing her bulging bosom in all her sexy pushup bras. Greta gives us some amazing cleavage in her bitty bikini while relaxing poolside. We also get a peek at her amazing ass in some cheeky panties when she bends over in a skimpy skirt. Greta is definitely dead sexy!