Hege Serine Golf Nude Pics

If biologists wanted to rebuild society where everyone born would have a perfect set of chromosomes, Norwegian babe Hege Serine Golf should be the hottie they harvest from. She’s tall, blonde, and flawlessly beautiful. Unfortunately her time as an actress has been teasingly sporadic, and she’s only scored a few roles so far. She made her big debut with a guest spot on the Norway boob tube, earning a guest spot in 2003 on the crime drama series Sejer – Elskede Poona. We didn’t get to see her Poona, but she had us swooning with her small roles in the films Reprise (2006) and Hjelp, vi er I filmbransjen (2011). But it was Hege’s brief appearance on the Netflix’s series Lilyhammer that provided some real flesh for us to enjoy. On season three, episode six, Hege portrays a “pregnant woman” breastfeeding a lucky little baby. While the kid takes a break from the boobie, we get a close-up look at Hege’s right hooter, with her hard, protruding nip covered with milk, shimmering in the light. It’s only one breast, but it looks like a real mouthful!