Heidi James Nude Pics

A full-blooded Texan, Heidi James hails from Austin, where she got her start in show business as a tap dancer in her very early years. Throughout her youth she had acting gigs in theater musicals, as well as a PBS mini-series. She comes from a very acting oriented family, and when her sister moved to California for school, Heidi followed along. She quickly got into the film business and was cast in Falling Down (1993). Shortly thereafter she made her way to New York where she worked Off-Broadway and appeared on Law & Order a few times. Nowadays she spends her time between both coasts and still stays vibrant with acting gigs. On the TV series Femme Fatales Heidi, playing the character Big Aggie, shows off her chest and buns in a shower scene with two other lovely ladies. She’s slated for more appearances in the coming year, so be sure to keep an eye out for this foxy lady.