Helen FitzGerald Nude Pics

Skinny and sexy Helen FitzGerald got started on the BBC before earning the role of Convent Student in the skin-free comedy Nuns on the Run (1990). Using these credits as a springboard to full-frontal movie nakedosity, Helen next played Scottish Girl in the 1991 drama Close My Eyes. (But don’t close your eyes when you watch that movie, because then you’ll miss equal doses of Helen’s hooters, hair-patch, and heinie!) From there jobs were a bit sparse. Helen got a guest spot on Ellen (Not on Ellen, of course, but we don’t blame you for thinking it.) before landing in Clockwatchers (1997) and American Cousins (2003), in which she played Svelte Wind Surfer. Now there’s some truth in advertising that’s wonderful to see, although they could have called her Svelte, Sexy Wind Surfer Who Ought to Get Nekkid but Doesn’t.