Hoara Borselli Nude Pics

Spicy Italian treat Hoara Borselli started her career as a fashion model. In 1993 she was named Photomodel of the Year in Italy. She used that exposure to break into television then movies. Hoara hasn’t done much nudity, but we get plenty of skinaction from her when she spends large portions of Panarea (1997) in bikinis and thongs. Early on she dons a black thong while at the beach. You will be handling your panenis as you watch her luscious ass work while she swims around under water and plays a game of tonsil hockey with a lucky guy. A little later she has a man tied up in her bed and she shows him some sexy moves while stripping down to her bra and G-string. We get a hint of nip slip and plenty more booty as she moves her hips in just the right way while wiggling out of her clothes. This Italian beauty will have your manicotti ready to explode!