Holly Lucas Nude Pics

Most famous for her TV series roles in Where the Heart Is, Doctors, and Peak Practice, English actress Holly Lucas has also made some waves in movies recently. After her debut film work in Bronson (2008), Holly returned to the silver screen to do a very sexy scene in the film made up of short segments titled Little Deaths (2011). In the ‘House & Home’ segment, where she plays Sorrow, Holly is handcuffed to a bedpost and has a bar in her mouth, splayed out completely nude for another couple’s pleasure, as well as our own. The tables turn, however, when our big boobed brunette reveals her bloodthirsty inclinations and begins to do more than just freak the couple out. Throughout the entire sequence, great clips of Holly’s gigantic hooters get shown. Let’s hope for more breast baring from this British screen babe in the future!