Houston Nude Pics

Surgically exoticized blonde porno celebrity Houston is an icon of sexual ambition and self-determination. Her implausibly sex-pumped lips are the first thing most viewers notice about this blue-screen siren’s face, a living mask that has been molded into a totemic amalgamation of all that is arousing in the feminine physiognomy. At once a work of art and the canvas upon which a thousand scalpels have imprinted her personality, Houston’s mug can also be seen as a road map to the rest of her physical being. Every inch of the body surface has been scrutinized. Where needed, additions and snips have been made, with attention to detail extending to the very private sector but in a very public manner. When Houston’s vaginal labia were trimmed to form a more aesthetically pleasing whole, the cutaway tissue was auctioned off to the highest bidder. Now this is a woman who applies herself to sexual industry.