Ingrid Caven Nude Pics

German cabaret singer and actress Ingrid Caven is a Renaissance woman. She was the star of many Rainer Werner Fassbinder works, including his own life, as she was married to the famous director. Ingrid was also muse to Yves Saint Laurent and a protege of Pierre Berge. But at Skin Central she’s just another naked chick–and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Fassbinder got her to go full frontal in her first flash in his Der H?ndler der vier Jahreszeiten (1972). She never really topped that, but you’ve got to give her credit for trying in La Paloma (1974), Mutter Kusters Fahrt zum Himmel (1975), Schatten der Engel (1976), Satansbraten (1976), Nea (1976), and finally In einem Jahr mit 13 Monden (1978). It’s good reason to count the ‘70s as the breast decade of them all!