Jazmin Daley Nude Pics

Jazmin Daley has plenty of skill… for starring in movies that have the word “kill” in the title! Jazmin only made two movies, Born Killers (2005), also known as Piggy Banks, and Hollywood Kills (2006), making her the go-to actress for movies about killers made in the mid-2000s. Unfortunately she never doffed her duds on film, which makes the fact that she hasn’t acted since 2006 even sadder. On the plus side, you can check her out in some sexy black undies as she and co-star Kelli Garner participate in a mostly clothed menage-a-trois with some lucky jerk in Piggy Banks! It’s a bit of a letdown since they keep their clothes on, but not enough to stop you strumming your ukelele to Jazmin Daley!