Jeanine Daniels Nude Pics

Her website bills her as “Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Artist, Actress, Musician”, and there’s no denying that Jeanine Daniels has got talent. That’s not all this brick house has got. Jeanine describes herself as “unapologetically creative”, but fans aren’t asking her to apologize for anything. She’s one of the founding members of the production company Black&Sexy TV, and Daniels fits the bill on both counts. But Jeanine first got sexy for the camera in The Last House (2015). Appearing in a gold bikini top and black booty shorts with fishnets underneath, Jeanine is pristine in this Jason Mewes led horror movie. She stands seductively in front of a TV screen, but there weren’t many fans complaining that she was blocking the view – she was the view. Another woman, in a black bra and panties, is laying on the bed, instructing Daniels to dance for her, while her fingers dangle around her crotch. Needless to say, if fans could move into The Last House, most would be packing their bags with a minute’s notice. It makes sense that her top would be gold, because Daniels deserves a gold medal for that rocking bod.


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