Jenna Upton Nude Pics

The juicy Jenna Upton is an actress best known for her work in Dias Santana (2016), 24 Hours to Live (2017), and Hooten & the Lady (2016). Jenna made her onscreen debut in the Back to School Mom (2015). She shows some skin in 24 Hours to Live (2017). This Ethan Hawke thriller follows a CIA assassin who is given a second chance at life and redemption when he is resurrected for one last mission that will last exactly 24 hours. Jenna shows off her bulging bosom when she appears in some skimpy lingerie and an open robe. We get a great look at her smooth, sexy stomach in a flashback and we even get a POV shot of a sex scene! We can’t get enough of this beautiful brunette!