Jessica Kabasinski Nude Pics

The juicy Jessica Kabasinski is an actress best known for her work in Blood Mercury (2014), Ninja: Prophecy of Death (2011), and Angel of Reckoning (2016). Jessica gets sexy for her role as Angel/Rachel Baldwin in the horror film Angel of Reckoning. The thriller follows a female war veteran who takes on the identity “Angel” in order to launch a personal vendetta against the criminal underworld and its kingpin. Angel sets out to get revenge against the drug dealers, pornographers, and criminals after the death of her family member. Angel poses as a gogo dancer at a local club, so Jessica appears in many sexy and revealing outfits throughout the film. We see her dancing in a skin tight strappy outfit as well as in leather lingerie and a series of thongs. So many thongs! Although all that skimpy lingerie doesn’t seem like the most logical apparel for fighting crime, we couldn’t be happier to see this brunette bombshell in her undies!