Jessica Turner Nude Pics

Australian actress Jessica Turner has only appeared in one feature film, 2010’s Chained, aka Hobby Farm, and based on her appearance in the film and its subject matter, it looks like it may have been enough to scare her off of acting for good. Jessica plays a young woman sold into sex slavery at a farm where illegal gambling, drugs and sex slaves are their stock in trade. Jessica plays Tatiana, a Polish woman dropped off at the farm after being abused and violated by two thugs that work there, and her nude scene involves her attempting to clean herself up after her encounter with the thugs, all while a card game is going on upstairs. We get some nice looks at her butt and boobs, but the scene is very hard to watch. It sure would be nice to see Jessica return to acting, maybe appearing nude in a rom-com or an action movie, because her body definitely deserves a second look!