Johanna Black Nude Pics

There are many here among us who are not what they seem. Case in point, Johanna Black. While she may look like a fine American piece of ass, she was actually born in Ontario, in the Great White North of Canada. But we forgive her, when such a beautiful actress and model comes before us such things as national identity and patriotism pale in comparison to getting off. Less excusable, however, are her skingy ways. A veteran of the boob tube, on Tek War, Forever Knight, CTV’s The City, and most recently Two and a Half Men, where she played the comic ditz, she’s yet to show off her boobs. The fact that she has a recurring role on Disney’s The Famous Jett Jackson doesn’t fill Mr. Skin with hope. Seeing that Johanna is an accomplished gymnast, imagine the body of work we’re missing.