Karen Trella Nude Pics

Karen Trella, the buxom brunette who bared her bikini body in Can It Be Love? (1992) assured her audience that, yes it can! Because we all fell in love with her and her nearly-bare booty and bouncy little boobies when she stripped down to nearly nothing in this coming of age flick and gave us a glimpse of her girlish gluteus.? This green-eyed, vivacious vixen would later appear in The Good Life (1997) and The Perfect Game (2009) but our good lives would have been even better if we got to see some more of that perfect game hiding underneath all those clothes Karen was wearing! With full, pouty lips, a smoking set of stems, and her come-hither bedroom eyes, this smokin’ hottie is the whole package and the world will be a better place when we can peek inside that box!