Karina Plachetka Nude Pics

Born in Poland in 1975, Karina Plachetka got her start in the theatre before transitioning into film. Like many European actresses, she balanced a career in film with one in the theatre, often going two or three years between films to take opportunities to perform on stage. She remains active in both mediums, though lately she has been doing more films, appearing in three projects in 2013, including the mini-series crossover hit Generation War (2013). Her first nude scene came in her first feature, Wir (2003) where she showed off her sensational snoobs while sharing a bed with a dude. She also let loose her lobbers on stage, in a performance captured in the documentary Die Spielwutigen (2004), or Addicted to Acting. Whether on stage or on film, this babe knows how to work in a nude scene, which means that Karina will please your peen-a!