Kate Fallon Nude Pics

Born in the rugged Maritime Provinces of Canada before moving to Montreal, Kate Fallon worked a succession of bartender gigs where her good looks and tight outfits insured a decent income. But it wasn’t until she relocated to New York that her sexy star rose, as did the pants of jaded city slickers. Continuing to pour drinks and break hearts with her cheeky hot pants and boob-bobbing low-cut tops, Kate made many friends. She ended up working a stint as associate editor on Al Goldstein’s infamous Screw magazine and was cast in the low-budget horror yarn Rock ‘n’ Roll Frankenstein (1999), in which she played a Gutted Groupie. Before she got sliced and diced–and poked by a horny Frankie in her wound–Kate treated audiences to a surprisingly hot shot of her dressed like a man and then removed her top for a pleasing peek at her pink-nipped pair. What a drag!