Katie Jones Nude Pics

Most remembered for her role in Steven Seagal action flick Flight of Fury (2007), Katie Jones has been active in screen acting throughout most of the first decade of the 2000s. A lot of her work was on TV shows, including Mistresses, Waking the Dead, and EastEnders. In Flight of Fury (2007) she plays the role of Eliana Reed. In one scene she tries to seduce another female by removing both her clothes and the other girl’s. But before long the girl brandishes a gun to stop Katie just as she’s getting topless. There are ample shots of Jones’s jugs in the movie. Also available in the film is a pretty wicked catfight involving Katie, although it’s a pretty clothed one. Hopefully more nudie clips of this tall, skinny, and busty brunette will surface in the years to come.