Kelsey Oldershaw Nude Pics

We grabbed our crotch STAT when Kelsey Oldershaw appeared as “Nurse Tess” on the 2003 season of ER–although we almost had to turn the channel to get the CSI crew to clean up the crime scene in our pants. Kelsey was overdue for a high-profile turn after finally getting some attention via her role in the spooky romance short Cinema/Verite (2001). The feature Topanga (2003) also showcased Kelsey as a cheating wife with a preference for lowlifes. We were already counting on Kelsey, though, having been turned on to this hot young talent when she donned a bikini as a perfect girlfriend on a 2003 episode of the WB sitcom Run of the House. For a most heated affair with young Kelsy, though, check out her skintastic turn in 2003’s appropriately tiled, The Affair.