Kim Hamilton Nude Pics

Kim Hamilton’s near fifty years in show business have put her on both the big and small screens scores of times–and not once has she lost her capacity to help tell a tale, using her own tail and talent to lend character credibility to both long-running daytime soaps and such television classics as The Twilight Zone, Ben Casey, Good Times, The Jeffersons, and Leave It to Beaver, becoming the first and only African American to ever appear on that show. With a taut, short frame and radiating smile, Kim has proven the perfect background beauty on the silver screen as well, playing everything from sexy savages to naughty nurses in B-movies such as The Leech Woman (1961) and The Wild Angels (1966), the latter of which had her thrashing about in a tight, see-through bra in her sole skin appearance. But what an appearance it is–her cocoa cannons protrude profusely from their polyester prisons, giving a good old-fashioned gawk at her gotchas. Kim has rounded out her career by lending her soft, sultry voice to characters on Saturday-morning cartoons like Fat Albert and Tarzan. She is also noted in real life for wedding Werner Klemperer, who made the character of “Colonel Klink” famous on TV’s Hogan’s Heroes, and she surely gave him some sweet milk chocolate to look forward to after a long day on the set with a bunch of men.