Kotoko Shiraishi Nude Pics

Born in Matsudo City, Chiba, Japan in the summer of 1978, Kotoko Shiraishi has dabbled in films both mainstream and pornographic in her native Japan since the mid-90s. She is also fairly well known as a stripper, but acting is clearly her first love. Her most notable film role came as Keiko, a lesbian teacher in the action crime drama Fallen Angel School (1996), however it was her performance in Yanmama Trucker: Hiryuu Den (1999) that made her memorable to Mr. Skin! Check out Kotoko’s comely casabas as she seduces a fully clothed guy who soon enough is taking her to pound town! There’s also a nice look at both Kotoko’s caboose, as well as Kaori Sakagami’s, as the two ladies drop trough and plop a squat out in the woods! This babe sure knows how to bring the hardcore into mainstream movies!