Kristen Harris Nude Pics

Juicy ginger Kristen Harris is an actress best known for her wok in Passionflower (2011), Channel Zero (2016), and Before Anything You Say (2016). Kristen was born in Calgary, Canada on November 16, 1976. Kristen made her onscreen debut in the TV movie Vinegar Hill (2005). She shows some skin for her role as Isobel in Before Anything You Say. Kristen gives us a look at her impressive cleavage when she wanders around a hotel hallway with her bosom bulging out of her black bra. Then Kristen gets into a fight with her husband that quickly turns sexual! Kristen jumps his bones and he pushes her up against the wall. As she wraps her luscious legs around him, we get a look at some sexy side butt! We can’t get enough of this ravishing redhead!