Lauren Dawes Nude Pics

Lauren Dawes?looks like a sex alien. ?Blonde, thin — but with a cute little chubby belly — and her hair is so fair in color, does she even have eyebrows??!! She’s the sex alien we want beaming us up to her frontiering-fuck ship. ?Think of it. We’ll be taken advantage of, then returned in a month, believing it to have all been a dream — except for the bite marks we can’t account for.? You gotta look at this woman. ?She’s like a preying mantis … whom we wanna get it on with … sans the part where the female tears off the male’s head. ?Making a career jump from rockstar to television,?Dawes?made her first appearance in the series Top of The Lake.?And she shows no fear in her first role, showing off her entire body — a scene worth watching if only because she’s not alone. ?It’s a siren’s call of bubbling beauties, naked and enjoying the cold water.