Lauren Gaw Nude Pics

Houston native Lauren Gaw found her love for performing at age seven when she joined a chorus for her school’s musical. She spent her high school years acting and singing then she moved to Los Angeles to attend USC where she studied Communications and Theater. Lauren has appeared in a variety of movies and TV shows including Zombies and Cheerleaders (2011 – ) and the Lifetime movie The Bride He Bought Online (2015). Lauren is trained in Kung Fu and is a certified open water diver. You’ll be handling your bo-staff when you check out Lauren in her underwear in an episode of Modern Family (2009 -). Lauren shows up in the background during a skype chat. She drops her towel and shows off her booty in her panties and body from behind. Things get obscured while she strips and changes, but we still get plenty of skin from this athletic, sexy actress.