Leandra Leal Nude Pics

Leandra Leal (1982) is one of the most prolific (and beautiful) Brazilian actresses of all time. The daughter of another famous performer, she started working in theater when she was only four years old. By the age of 15, she’d starred in her first movie and began taking on as many new roles as possible on both the small screen and the big one. Now, this blonde bombshell accounts for countless Skin-worthy roles, thanks in part to the sheer volume of works she’s done and in part to her absolutely flawless body. It’s nearly impossible to list all the places to look for her here, but one of the best ever is?A Wolf at the Door (2013), where Leandra lets us look at her breasts while she walks around the house chugging a bottle of wine, then bares her buns when she’s laying naked in bed!