Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux Nude Pics

Frenchy Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux?really makes our flowers sprout!?Born August 17, 1989, the actress and singer started out as a kid model, appearing in ads for brands like Yoplait and Euro Disney. Soon, the siren song of acting grew too loud and this blue-eyed, blonde cutie enrolled at the Conservatoire Hector Berloiz. Our little Lilly made her American debut as “Little Girl” in the De Niro action film Ronin (1998) and since made her way in French TV, starring in telefilms and as a regular in Our Pension Years and Second Chance. Seek her out in the film Horsehead (2014). The drama gives us a scene where Lilly shows her tits while soaking in the tub but her young bush stays submerged. Doesn’t she know overwatering plants is bad?