Linda Marlowe Nude Pics

Philip Marlowe may be a famous private dick, but your private dick will go public in a big way with UK arouser Linda Marlowe. She began her career with such provocatively entitled features as Pussycat Alley (1963) and Teenage Tramps (1963), but it was when she became a scream queen in He Kills Night After Night After Night (1969) that things started to take off for the busty brunette–things like her bra. But it was in the adventurer Big Zapper (1973), with Linda in the title role as a private dick, that things picked up. Up, as in you, when Linda paraded topless in see-through panties. While she was lust obscene in the comedy Penelope (1975), Linda continues to work, though skingy, most recently in Day of the Dead (2007).