Lindsey Grubbs Nude Pics

Lindsey Grubbs has been taking dance lessons and performing since she could walk. Growing up splitting time between San Diego and Vail, Colorado, she is just at home on a stage as she is rock climbing or snowboarding. While attending USC she got a chance to appear on American Idol and knew then that performing was what she wanted to do for a living. She has appeared in a number of commercials for products like Bud Light, Toyota. and Virgin Mobil. When she is not acting she enjoys singing and playing music. She also runs a business called The Princess Party which helps families create the perfect birthday party for their kids. ? Lindsey will create the perfect party in your pants when you check her out in Shooting the Warwicks (2015) where she gets caught hooking up with a guy backstage. When she steps out from behind a curtain fully nude we get an amazing view of her perky pears and a great ass shot. In that same scene we get some sidage and more booty as she mounts up and rides her man.