Lola Bessis Nude Pics

French actress Lola Bessis might make you feel kinky, but unlike the Kink’s song, you won’t find an Adam’s Apple on this French fry – however, a full body inspection wouldn’t hurt. Not only does she show some skin in Swim Little Fish Swim (2013), she also wrote, directed, and produced the feature. If fans are the fish, Lola is most definitely the bait, catching a school of admirers, hook, line, and sinker. Appearing in a red bra and jean shorts, Lola goes for a roll on the carpet next to a small stuffed unicorn, and the unicorn won’t? be the only horny thing when you watch. We also get a healthy platter of cleavage served up hot, alongside a bird’s eye view of Lola tied up on a table in nothing but some lacy white shapewear. Bound at the hands and feet, but not distressed, we later learn she’s simply posing for an artist. The next Mona Lisa? Or should we say Lola Lisa? She may have been hog-tied but fans were in hog heaven. With earthy brown hair and those unforgettable cherry red lips, Bessis is the bestis.