Lorelei Leslie Nude Pics

After landing a small role in the now classic crime caper Pulp Fiction (1994), Lorelei Leslie went on to score parts in four more low budget skinema style movies. She shows some skin in most of them, but one her finest moments comes in 13 Moons (2002) where she plays a stripper that goes full moon while shaking her thong clad tailfeather for a guy. As she leaves the champagne room she slips a nip that we catch with Skin-o-vision. You will get drunk on her jugs when she shows mammeristically more in South Beach Academy (1994) where Lorelei flashes her lovelies while getting busy on the beach. The knockers come out as he lays her down in the sand then when she takes a turn on top we get another great peek at her seat only this time with no annoying thong. Ms. Leslie is sure to have you taking your talents to south beach as you become besties with the beasty in your pants!