Mabel Esca?o Nude Pics

Although the ravishingly ripe Mabel Escano has enjoyed an onscreen career spanning a staggering thirty-five years, she only has two measly skin credits to her name. You might think, “What a bust!” and you’d be right–what a bust! This spicy Spanish fly started out in bit parts in the late ‘60s before moving on to bigger and better things, showing up alongside heavyweights Peter Fonda and William Holden in Open Season (1974). But it wasn’t until 1975 that Mabel served up her tapas in her sole skin scene, the comedy El Libro del Buen Amor. But she made it a real corker, showing tush and bush along with her perky Pyrenees! In the 1980s, Mabel was recognizable as a regular in many of auteur Jesus Franco’s films. And as the “Roger Corman of Spain” and the long time paramour of oft-naked actress Lina Romay, he knew a thing or two about casting comely dames!