Madalina Mariescu Nude Pics

Following in a long line of hotties that have appeared in Steven Seagal flicks, something vaguely akin to being a Bond babe, Madalina Mariescu appeared most recently in Born to Raise Hell (2010). She’s a petite brunette, known mostly for her modeling, having appeared in Look Magazine, as well as Papercut Magazine, among many others, a lot of which she appeared on the cover. In her sole film role, though, she engages in some sexy screen time. The scene starts off with her sipping out of a bottle while sitting on bed topless. Then a SWAT team busts into the room and she jumps out of bed, boobies flailing everywhere. Also included is a decent pantied butt shot. Hopefully an appearance like that will spur more interest in this dazzling and busty babe for further film roles.