Margaux Chatelier Nude Pics

A newer up and coming French star, Margaux Chatelier, has been acting since the middle of the previous decade, but recently has experienced an explosion of output. She first appeared in a little known feature called Aurore (2006), and did some TV work for the following years, with appearances on shows like Commissaire Magellan, Julie Lescaut, and Profilage. Then she graduated to doing TV movies, one of which was La baie d’Alger (2012). In this movie we finally get to see some bare front and back from the long and curly haired Margaux, she showing her fantastic rack and backside in a shower scene. Margaux is still going strong in her movie making. She’s done a string of feature films recently, including Paris-Manhattan (2012) and Belle et Sebastien (2013). All signs point to more savory content from Margaux in the coming years.