Mariangela D’Abbraccio Nude Pics

Naples native Mariangela D’Abbraccio is not too well known around the world or even in the United States, having worked primarily in productions based out of her homeland. She has worked a good deal over the years, however, with some breaks here and there, debuting in Cream Horn (1981) and then appearing in Gli angeli del potere (1988), Per amore, solo per amore (1993), Il commissario, and The Power of the Past (2002). Our favorite role of hers is in the strange Flintstones parody film A spasso nel tempo – L’avventura continua (1997), however, which, in one scene, finds her lying completely topless and clad in nothing but a chastity belt, her massive, round breasts on full display the entire time. A man enters the room and proceeds to remove her belt before getting down with her, and we sure wish we could do the same, seeing as we’re already turning to stone in one place as it is!