Marie-ève Bertrand Nude Pics

Marie-ève Bertrand made what may be the most impressive debut performance ever recorded. When she burst onto the French-Canadian cinematic scene in 2001 with the leading role in Mariages, the Great White North took collective notice. Of course, so did we here at Skin Central, where the film set our Skin-o-Scope off so loudly we thought it might explode. You see, young Marie-ève spends a great deal of her time in the movie with little more than a half-cocked smile on. That’s a good thing, considering that she has a body to kill for, complete with set of tits that’ll just about make you beg for buttermilk! There’s skinny-dipping, skinny-running, even skinny-let-some-old-lady-give-you-a-bath-ing! That scene in particular is especially noteworthy, as it offers up the best look at Marie-ève’s crotch-pelt, albeit in semi-decent light. Nevertheless, if it’s any indication of things to come, Marie-ève is on her way to one Hell of a Skinful career!